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Tabronx Smith
Tabronx SmithResource Acquisition
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Sports and Entertainment 96%
Resource Connecting 85%
Xavier Jackson
Xavier JacksonOperations Manager
Revenue Acceleration 93%
Mindset Coaching 99%
Victor Persad
Victor PersadCreative Director
Revenue Acceleration 93%
Sales Leadership 99%
Rickey Dillinger
Rickey DillingerLead Programer
Web Development 89%
Project Managment 95%

Robin Bienfait, Advisor for Premier Element Group

Her engineering drive and talent brought her to a global career in enterprise technology, including roles such as CIO at Blackberry, senior VP at AT&T, and chief enterprise innovation officer at Samsung. She returned home to Georgia in 2017 to focus on connecting enterprises with entrepreneurs. Robin just bought and remodeled a modern 43,000 square foot innovation center, Atlanta Tech Park, to make a space for enterprises and executives to mingle with growth-stage companies.

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