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Premier Element is committed to providing immediate responses to your requests, combining knowledge of the business, brand and vision so you can relax and enjoy the growth of it. Please take a moment to tell us about your problem so we may give the best solution for success.
Premier Element Group core competency involves business and technology strategy. We help numerous clients protect and maximize their earning potential through copyright, merchandising, music, branding and deal negotiations. Premier Element Group’s legal & consulting division ensures both parties get the best advice and delivers experience representation for every level of business affairs. See a full list
Premier Element is an all-inclusive solutions firm specializing in sports, music, entertainment through technology committed to providing our customers with the resources paramount for entrepreneurial success.


Strong, effective music marketing happens when you work in a way that maintains your identity and integrity as an artist. Whether it’s through email campaigns, your website, playlists, or blogs; fan engagement is essential for keeping your existing fans looped in and interested in what you’re doing.


Our marketing division serves the athlete on and off the field . We have made a significant investment in talent and resources to offer our clients a unique and unparalleled approach that extends beyond traditional efforts. The consumption of media and information in today’s technology advanced world depends on cutting edge advancements in social media website development and managing your on line reputation.


A brand is defined as a toolbox of marketing and communication methods that help to distinguish a company from competitors and create a lasting impression in the minds of customers. We have built a platform/business that can provide services to the sports, music, entertainment industries as well as to the general business world. Premier Element Group is now the go-to company for all branding, marketing and sales solutions (including digital). In light of everything, we saw a need and decided to develop a solution while finding a niche. We assembled a team of ultra-creative graphic and web designers, digital marketers, promoters, executives, bloggers, programmers and more that bring your sales to new heights.We continuously monitor marketing trends and keep a close eye on competitive products in the marketplace from Business, Music, Sports to Entertainment.


A consulting firm provides services as well as products to assist businesses. These organizations often provide expertise in a variety of disciplines and industries, and offer an established method, strategy or product to improve other business’s functionality. The organizational structure of a consulting firm is often based on the products or services it provides


MarTech, otherwise known as Marketing Technology, is the term for the software and tech tools marketers leverage to plan, execute, and measure marketing campaigns. MarTech tools are used to automate or otherwise streamline marketing processes, collect and analyze data, and provide various means of reaching and engaging with your target audience.


Our Intelligent Solutions make PremierVision a complete Television Network (Linear or Cable) that can take you completely global at no cost to your current viewers. PremierVisions’ Emmy Award Winning production staff offers our services to you including but not limited to Movies, Music Videos , Commercials, and Livestream Events.


The Premier Element philosophy is as follows: In order to be the best, you must be in the company of those that make you better. Partnering with today’s most upscale and elite brands pushes us to strive for excellence.We are committed to providing an unmatched VIP/Concierge experience to our clients. Our attention to detail and dedication to producing outstanding events and experiences sharpens our skills to ensure satisfaction from our partnered brands and clients. Our experience, knowledge and relationships with key event organizers and local vendors ensures that your event’s transportation will be seamless. The proper logistical planning, reservations, routing, service intervals, and signage is important to a seamless experience. Transportation provided by Premier Element is one aspect of your event you simply won’t have to worry about.
Premier Element provides transportation management services, professionally managing Concierge | Shuttle Buses | Charter Buses Party Buses & Limos.


Who we are —
PE 420 is a company made up of veterans, farmers, and teachers. We have come together with a common goal of helping others, not only in our community, but in other communities across the country. We are a vertically integrated company that specializes in manufacturing, processing and distribution of hemp derived products.


U.N.i.Eat Foundation Inc. (If U.N.i.Eat Then Poverty We Will Defeat)
The U.N.i.Eat Foundation Inc. is a Non-Profit organization that will focus on creating a positive and encouraging atmosphere for low income, abandoned, single parent and foster children.Our goal is to create a recreation center, providing free after school programs that include help with homework and tutoring in math, reading, science, social studies, and foreign language.Our program will provide basic computer lessons, self esteem reinforcement classes, basic music, art, dance, drama, and various forms of martial arts lessons.We will have Health and Wellness classes and Sports Teams similar, but not limited to football, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, golf, and bowling.
In addition, we will provide business based classes as well as technical classes such as wood shop, electrical, nursing, computer technician training, computer programing, web design, and more. We will also providehelp with job placement and GED prep classes for parents. Our vision is to provide a positive and encouraging atmospherefor children ages 5-17, to come learn, growand have fun. Eventually, we plan to provide housing for the homeless, abandoned children and battered woman. To fund our nonprofit organization, we would like to host avariation of fund raisers i.e., car washes, T-shirt sales, bake sales,donations, and government grants. We believe that with the right attitude, support, and determination we will change the lives. of MILLION’S of children ONE at a time.
Because If You And I Eat Then Poverty We Will Defeat.